Free radicals, or Why do we age?


Free radicals, or Why do we age?

September 5, 2013 | Real psychology

Today, perhaps only the deaf heard of free radicals. What is this “creature” and what they eat? However, the problem is precisely that it is more likely they “eat” us.

During the life in the body formed aggressive forms of oxygen (H2O2, HO-, etc.). These highly reactive fragments of molecules are not coupled electron and seek to enter into a chemical reaction with all that met him on the way. First of all, they are dangerous because they destroy the membranes of our cells and cause damage to the holy of holies – the DNA molecule, the keeper of all the genetic information. In short, free radicals destroy anything that gets them to “arm”: molecules, cells, organs and the whole body as a whole. Found that these invaders rob us of more than a dozen years of life! They are responsible for the development of diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and many others.

Thus, free radicals – is aggressive forms of oxygen, which oxidize the various substances in the body. Some scientists are right and articulate: the aging – it’s oxidation. You could even say that with age, we most trivial way to turn sour.

If we can find a way to fight free radicals and oxidation associated with it, we can extend life for a few decades, at least. Lifespan of laboratory animals receiving strong antioxidants substances is increased by 30-40 percent or more. If we find a good and safe antioxidant agent, it is able to survive without serious diseases and more than 100 years.

From the first seconds of life until his death in our body take place in parallel two opposing processes. First – it’s destruction (aging), the second – Recovery (rejuvenation). And up to 20 years, approximately, recovery prevails over destruction, thanks to this we grow and remain young. In 20-30 years, an equilibrium, and our bodies do not undergo significant changes. However, after 30 years, about the destruction increases and rejuvenation processes begin to weaken. As a consequence, we are going to grow old and die. As mentioned, it is the free radicals contribute greatly to the destruction of the body. Therefore, if we can largely neutralize their effects, we can dramatically increase life expectancy.

And the following will occur. Starting to use a strong antioxidant agent at the age of 20-30 years, we have suffered a serious blow to the process of destruction. Rejuvenation as it will break forth and, at first, we significantly rejuvenate the body. Offensive balance between aging and postpone the Restoration, in this way, at the age of 30-40 years. And then, the periodic use of antioxidant agents will allow us to slow down the aging so that postpone the onset of old age and death to 100 years or more.

Moreover, we are highly likely to eliminate major diseases of aging, such as: cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc. But can you fight free radicals? To our happiness with you – Yes! And, while quite effective.

Everything in nature has its own opposite. And free radicals or oxidants has its own opposite – antioxidants are substances, in other words – antioxidants. Moreover, antioxidant properties have very many substances and compounds. Antioxidants are generally quite widespread in nature. For example, to protect against prokisaniya antioxidant substances are produced by many plants. Some antioxidants are vitamins (A, C, E, etc.), trace elements (selenium, zinc, etc.). However, and our body has a whole antioxidant system, but, as usual, is not quite perfect in order to fully protect us from aging and diseases associated with it. So, based on the use of natural substances antioxidants we can safely and effectively help our body to be healthy and function properly for a few decades longer than usual. Since, as mentioned, there are a lot of free radical species, and then effectively deal with them only through a set of antioxidant substances.

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